We are a pioneer in our field by mass producing quality, modern and elegant products by combining our experience of more than 25 years with qualified manpower and high technology.

Our company, which started to produce steel door models under the name of Cihan Wood in 1998, later became a reliable supplier to steel door manufacturers by starting the production of MDF frames and moldings in addition to panel production under the brand CIHANPAN. As of the beginning of 2023, it has started to produce room doors with the brand of CIHANPAN DOOR in line with the demands of our solution partners.

through our experienced team after long studies by our company, we produced Elitpan UV modes, and we believe that we will achieve the success we have achieved in the panel of the doors.

By combining our experience of more than 25 years with qualified manpower and high technology, we have reached a leading position in our sector by mass-producing quality, modern and elegant products.

Our interior room doors

Beautify your rooms with our doors, shape your dreams with our semi-finished products!

Our interior room doors

As Cihanpandoor, we prioritize quality in interior room doors. Our doors are made of MDF, natural wood and composite materials. This ensures the longevity of the doors and at the same time preserves the natural beauty of your home or office.

In addition, our interior room doors are available in many different styles and colors. The designs of our doors can be made as standard, and the colors can be made up of many different options upon request.

Our semi-finished products

Our semi-finished products
Our moldings and frames are produced after passing quality controls. During production, the dimensions of our products are accurately cut and processed. Our products are produced with high precision and meticulousness, so that our customers can enjoy our best quality products.

As Cihanpandoor, we offer customized solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We can produce our moldings and frames in sizes and designs according to the special requests of our customers.

Products types

Our models are high quality wood MDF materials used in both steel door and interior room doors. They are produced in different sizes and designs and offer a natural wood look.


We bring the success of Elitpan UV models to the door manufacturing to come out with quality, experience and innovation all in one door.

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2023 E-Catalogue

By downloading our e-catalogue, you can know our products better and choose the most suitable door and model for your projects.
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