Types of Fillers

Frame and Moldings

Straight Molding

Oval Molding

Composite Case

Counter Reinforced Chassis

MDF Case Plain 10

MDF Case Plain 12

MDF Case Plain 15

MDF Case Plain 20

80*8 MDF Straight Molding

100*8 MDF Straight Molding

Standart Door Package Content



1 pcs door wing



2 pcs vertical door cases

4 pcs vertical architraves



1 pcs lintel case

2 pcs lintel architraves

4 psc toscar screws

Optional Door Accesorie

Door Handle

As selected 1 set

Door Lock

As selected 1 set


Directional or nondirectional 3 pcs

Door Gasket

5 Meters for single wing doors

Door Installation Stage

1. Stage

Use a chisel to dear the gasket canals on the door cases place the gasket without stretching.

2. Stage

Bring together the vertical and lintel componens of the door case as show in figure and connect them with their special screws.

2. Stage

Fix the door case to the wall opening using a wedge bubble level it as square rule.

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